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Why It’s Much Better To Get Your Termite Barrier Installed Before Your Driveways and Concrete Walkways are Installed Around Your Home.

John and Mary had always dreamed of building their perfect home. They spared no expense in ensuring that every detail was perfect, from the design of their house to the beautiful aggregate concrete that they chose for their driveway and walkways. However, they overlooked one crucial detail – termite prevention.

A few years after moving in, John and Mary noticed some signs of termite activity around their home where some left over wood from the patio construction had been left too long. They quickly realized that they had made a grave mistake by not installing a termite prevention system before installing their concrete paving.

The pest control company they hired suggested a chemical treatment to eradicate the termites. However, because the concrete was already installed, the process of installing a chemical barrier required drilling holes every 6 feet around the entire perimeter of the house to pump in the chemical solution. The drilling not only caused a major disruption to their home but also caused significant damage to their beautifully crafted concrete paving.

Had they had installed a reticulated termite system around the perimeter of their house before installing the concrete paving, they wouldn’t have had to drill holes all around their home to install the chemical barrier and refill it in 5-8 years time. When a  reticulated system is installed before any concrete work is done, it involves laying a network of pipes around the house, which can be easily accessed for termite treatments without disturbing the concrete walkways.

If you are building it’s essential to consider all aspects of home construction and maintenance, including termite prevention. While a termite prevention system may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, it can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. By installing a reticulated termite system before installing any concrete paving around your home, you can ensure that your home remains protected from termite damage without damaging your beautiful driveway and walkways.

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